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10 February, 2023

Why I Do What I Do for My Clients

A Q&A with Elizabeth Ji, Founder of The Ji Law Firm, Specializing in Compassionate Legal Advocacy

Q: What sets The Ji Law Firm apart in its value proposition for clients?

A: My firm is focused on delivering approachable, heart-centered legal counsel. Deeply client-focused, we pride ourselves in providing immigration strategies and the best options to our clientele. After all, the more options you have concerning immigration, the better your chances of achieving optimal outcomes. Accordingly, you want a lawyer who will offer various viable pathways, opening the door for success. Critical to our approach is being present, being responsive, and, of course, being reliable.


Q: What are the top concerns of your clients?

A: Our clients are predominantly employers. Very often, they have identified an employee they wish to hire, and they need help managing the legal aspects, such as visas. We guide them through what can be a complex sponsorship process. Similarly, we empower international entrepreneurs wanting to legally expand their reach to the lucrative U.S. market. A common concern may go something like this: an employer has a winning employee with only a 12-month work permit. Cognizant of this employee’s value, our employer client wants to make their permit more long-term.


Q: What’s an example of how you support employers in the service sector?

Imagine a local plumbing company that desperately needs more plumbers. The overworked owner has tried and tried to find plumbers in the area, but he/she just cannot source workers. It’s gotten so bad that his/her organization cannot keep up with service calls. The owner finds that they are the one who must now come out to customers because there’s just no one else available to do the job. But then, this same owner learns that there are local, available plumbers. The only problem? These individuals need work permits. Here’s where The Ji Law Firm really shines. This owner can collaborate with us on the legal aspects and strategies to onboarding these desirable workers. It’s a win-win for all parties.


Q: Can you discuss other ways The Ji Law Firm specifically caters to the immigration needs of businesses?

A: We recognize the critical role immigration plays in business growth and innovation. Our approach is comprehensive, acknowledging the challenges businesses face in both talent acquisition and retention. With expertise in navigating these complexities, we support companies by enabling them to tap into a global talent pool. However, our focus isn’t on displacing local workers but, rather, filling roles requiring specialized skills, adding expertise, competency, and diversity within our clients’ teams. By partnering with businesses, we align our immigration support with long-term growth objectives.


Q: How does your personal immigration experience and your family’s history contribute to your Why?

A: My experience in immigration law is rooted in my own and my family’s journey through the immigration process when we arrived in the U.S. in the 1980s. Ours is a tale many of our clients share, filled with hopes, dreams, and, inevitably, challenges. While it’s not necessary for an immigration attorney to have a personal immigration background, my personal experience helps to bridge gaps. Essentially, I have been through this process. And so has my family. Such experience informs my dedication to my clients from a personal standpoint. It’s my Why. I want for them what I was also able to achieve. Immigration should be a straightforward path to a new beginning. Unfortunately, the on-the-ground reality is often more complicated, driven by complex policies and politics, transforming what should be manageable into a challenge. This is where having a knowledgeable, empathetic legal partner becomes indispensable.


Q: How does your firm’s boutique approach offer advantages over larger, less responsive law firms?

A: It’s not that all large law firms intentionally fall short on responsiveness. Instead, they face inherent challenges due to their size. While many have extensive resources and various departments, they can be hampered by the sheer volume of cases they handle. In contrast, as a boutique firm, we prioritize a direct, personalized approach to each case. We’ve observed how priorities differ between large and boutique firms, and for us, maintaining a manageable caseload is key. This approach allows us to dedicate the necessary time and attention to each client, ensuring they never feel like just another case file.


Q: Why is meticulous attention to detail so crucial to you, and how does it impact outcomes for your clients?

A: Attention to detail is a fundamental principle for my firm. Its importance cannot be overstated. Even minor errors, like a miswritten check, can result in case rejection, setting back a client’s progress by weeks, if not more. Likewise, simple typos can lead to significant delays or, worse, derail an entire case. The goal is to minimize any potential for such errors. After all, such mistakes can produce severe consequences, such as clients falling out of status due to filing rejections, impacting their lives and businesses. That’s why we prioritize attention to detail, managing our case load deliberately via a structured process to avoid any types of slipups that could negatively affect clients.


Q: While your strategic approach is undeniable, how do you feel about the term “strategist attorney” in relation to your brand and client relationships?

A: Referring to me as a “strategist attorney” captures an important aspect of our practice, yet it only scratches the surface of our work. In our realm, strategy goes beyond legal technicalities. It involves delving into each client’s unique story, understanding their immediate needs, as well as their long-term aspirations. Clients seek more than just visas; they aspire to a future in the United States. Our role is to navigate a path from their current situation to their desired destination, often involving permanent residency or citizenship. This requires meticulous planning and a comprehensive understanding of both legal intricacies and human aspirations. While “strategist attorney” may imply a detached approach, mine is deeply personal and deeply empathetic.


Q: How does your Why translate into your How for clients?

A: It’s vital to me that my clients never perceive me as distant or unapproachable. While I possess extensive knowledge in immigration law, what defines my practice is my approachability and the genuine care I extend to each client. This reflects my commitment to being more than just an attorney—I strive to be a constant, responsive presence in my clients’ lives. I prioritize transparency and accessibility in the process, ensuring my clients feel fully supported and confident. Please think of me as a dedicated ally, standing by your side and championing your cause with both expertise and empathy.


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